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Bunkhouse and Pavilion 2

Subfacility of Gallaher Mansion and Cranbury Park

Max Occupancy 80


  1. ADA Accessible
  2. Parking
  3. Pavilion
  4. Picnic Areas
  5. Playground
  6. Restrooms

City of Norwalk Recreation & Parks Department Rules & Regulations – South Parcel Cranbury Bunkhouse, Pavilion, Playground 


The Bunkhouse:  This newly renovated building had been used as the servants’ quarters for those who were employed by the owners of the Mansion.  It has an air of history and memories for those who worked tirelessly for the Gallaher’s.  It has a gorgeous, functioning stone fireplace, is air conditioned and is a perfect venue for hosting intimate special events. 

The Pavilion:  This Pavilion is fashioned after the main Pavilion at the Park, just a smaller version.  It is great for events, such as birthday parties or baby/bridal showers.  Set in an idyllic area of the park, it provides the perfect backdrop to showcase the natural beauty of the park. 

The Playground:  This brand new structure has been designed for children 5 to 12 years old, and adult supervision is strongly recommended.

  1. Parking Regulations:  Parking on-site for employees, staff and permit holders for the Bunkhouse and Pavilion
  2. The Parking area will be closed for all incoming traffic by 8:00PM
  3. All picnics scheduled for the Pavilion and Bunkhouse must end by  8:00 PM as is the rule for the main Pavilion in the Park
  4. Any additional programs/events that take place in the park, other than the two aforementioned areas, will have to park in the main lots of Cranbury Park and walk the trail to the south park
  5. NO parking is permitted on Live Oak Road, Field Street or Grumman Avenue
  6. A maximum of 80 people will be booked for both facilities at the same time
  7. Music may be played as in the other Pavilion in the Main Park at levels only to be heard at the Pavilion.  At any time, a park employee has the authority to ask that the music be turned down
  8. Cooking at the Pavilion Bunkhouse may be done outside with gas grills.  Any charcoal used must be removed from the premises. Wood burning grills or live fire of any kind is STRICTLY PROHIBITED
  9. For large events,  50 or more participants, the garbage must be carried out and not left for the city as per your application
  10. Buses MAY NOT park in this parking area (parking in main lost of Cranbury Park only)
  11. Maximum of two licensed & permitted food trucks are allowed on the premises for scheduled permitted events
  12. NO dogs are allowed in this area at any time

Fines may be imposed if any of the aforementioned rules are not adhered to